Odd circumstances are likely to happen in life like you accidentally lock the key inside your car. Not only frustrating, it is a hassle especially if you are in a hurry but since you are already in that odd situation, nothing will work best but to stay calm and figure it out. Here are few helpful tips that you might want to know in case you forget your key inside your car.

1. Evaluate And Figure Out The Situation

Do not let panic get into your nerves in situations like this. Remember, staying your cool is good to help you think of possible ways and options. So, first, you do is to check if all doors of your car are locked. If the door on the backseat is open, then you are saved from more troubles and carry on with your activity. If not, then proceed to the next step.

2. Call Home For The Extra Key

I’m sure when it comes to the car, you had already thought that this thing could happen to you so I assume that you have kept an extra key in case of emergency. This will spare you a lot of money too.

3. Try To Unlock The Car

If you’ve reached number 3, I assumed that now the situation is worse since you don’t have a backup key. So try to unlock it yourself by inserting a deflated blood pressure cuff between the side door corner and pressing it so it can create a little opening on the vehicle where you can insert a wire hanger and try to open it.

4. Borrow The Duplicate Key In The Car Dealer

If you don’t have a blood pressure cuff or if this won’t work for you, try calling your car dealer. If the place is just within the city. Car dealers usually kept a duplicate of the cars they sell or manufacture. In this case, if the owner lost it, or other emergencies that might need the use of it. But car dealers will not eventually give the key they kept unless you present any evidence that you are the legal owner of the car.

5. Call A Tow Service Or Locksmith

Some cars can be unlocked remotely like the latest car of Ford or Mercury. The tow service can help you pull your car to the safe place while you can check if you can use some apps of the auto manufacturer to unlock your car. If unsure, the help of locksmith Penang who offers modern locksmith services can help you. In case

While others sort to breaking the window of the car, I would not suggest that unless it is for emergency purposes. Breaking the windows of your car is not easy and can be dangerous too. You can end hurting yourself in the process since the glass used in cars are tempered plus the added cost of repair can hurt much your budget. So, if it’s not a life-threatening emergency, then wait till the tow service arrive or the locksmith’s assistance.