Many of the plumbing issues that people experience at home are fixed with the help of a plumber. It is
pretty common for a lot of people today to call the experts in and have them fix the problem the
moment it happens.

This is not a bad thing at all. After all, the professionals are trained and experienced in the field. They
may have experienced several of the same issues before – which means that they are in a
better position to get the problem addressed.

The only problem with this though is that it can get quite expensive to have to call the experts in
plumbing every time. There are instances when the issue may be minor and simple enough; it does not
warrant a visit from the expert. All you need to do is learn about some DIY tricks that will get the issue
kept in check. Below are some of these homemade remedies that you definitely would want to try out.

Turning the water off
Shutting off the water supply is always a very important step when you do some fixing with the plumbing
system. Sometimes, it can be hard for people to, having no experience in doing it before. It is simple
enough though. All that one has to do is locate the main shutoff valve for the system. More often than
not, this is found right where the meter is located. Once you have located it, just turn the knob on the
valve to turn to off. Most of the time, an adjustable wrench may be needed to get this done. If all you
need to do is fix a specific part of your water system though, you just need to locate the shutoff
valve about the line that you are fixing and that should stop the water flow while you fix things.

Fixing a leaky pipe
This is also a very common occurrence in many homes. While you can call an expert in to fix this into time, that means pain for their service fee. Doing it yourself should not be that hard anyway. An epoxy putty can be used to fix the leaky pipe. Once you have found the location of the leak, turn the water
supply off first. Dry the damaged pipe with a towel and then knead an epoxy putty together. The putty should be applied around the pipe and make sure you will allow it to set. Once it has, the water can be turned back on and make sure that you check that it is no longer leaking too.

Fixing a clog
If you ever notice that your drains seem to take way longer to drain, there is a good chance that
there may be a clog causing it. A good homemade solution would be to pour a cup of baking soda into
the drain. Follow this up with a cup of vinegar. Then, once it has foamed, follow it up with some boiling
water. This should take care of any good old blockage that is in there.
Do remember that if these DIY solutions are not working, do not hesitate to call the experts. It is always
prudent to call the professionals in if all of your attempts to fix the problem is not yielding any positive