The Arizona Mining Association was established in 1965, as a non-profit business league. Our mission is to acquire and disseminate educational, business and scientific information that is essential to the formation of sound public policies affecting the Arizona mining industry. The mining industry plays a critical role not only in our state and nation, but also in the world. This website, as well as a variety of other services and resources, is offered to provide information about mining and its important contribution to our lives.

The Arizona Mining Association has made a number of great educational resources about the mining industry in Arizona available for free on our site. Copper mining has been contributing to the economy of what is now called Arizona since before the arrival of Europeans in the 16th Century. Beginning in the late 19th Century, copper mining and processing became one of the primary means by which first the Arizona Territory and then the State of Arizona were transformed from a wilderness to a modern industrial economy. Copper mining, smelting, refining, and fabricating remain an important part of that economy today.