Air conditioning units have become an essential part of our daily lives. This appliance of high importance provides us with warmth when the temperature is awfully low or cool air when the sun is too hot to bear. Air conditioners are used for about 8 hours almost every day which makes this unit an easy target the natural course of product wear and tear and it is not difficult to know if there is something wrong that is going on with our air conditioners. To prevent total AC unit failure, early signs should be observed in order to facilitate singapore aircon repair. Here are some tips in knowing your aircon repair services.

Weak air flow

Air conditioners originally generate strong air flowing out of the vents. There is no point in having an AC in your house if there is no cold air exiting through the vents. Weakness in airflow may be attributed to a clogged duct or a breaking down compressor. In the span of using your AC unit, dirt, dust, and other materials may have already fallen into the vents causing the said clog.

Air has become warm

This is the most unpleasant and mood-busting feeling during summertime when the sun shines so hot that you just don’t want to go out of your house but stay inside and turn the AC on, wait for it to generate cool air however, there is no cool air generated but rather a warm air. When warm air is what is generated from the vents, there is a low level to zero level refrigerants present inside the compressor.

Strange noises

The AC unit is originally designed as a non-sound making appliance to provide relaxation and comfort to its users. With this said, when an AC starts to produce sounds that includes grating and grinding sounds, it is an indication that there is something wrong in your compressor as it is already struggling to or starting hard to be able to power on. In an instance that a ticking or a chattering sound comes after turning the AC on, then there must be something wrong on the electrical relay switch.

Unpleasant odors

Air conditioners should be generating crisp cool air that are not smelly. So when there is an unpleasant odor coming from the vent such as a burning smell or a musty odor, then it is best to call an AC professional immediately. The presence of a musty odor indicates the growth of mold in the ductwork and the burning smell indicates the burning out of wire insulations on the engine.

Leakage or moisture

There should not be any leakage or moisture in anywhere on your AC unit. A leakage or moisture is an indicator that portions of refrigerants are coming out. Refrigerants are dangerous to the health of your loved ones and pets. So when leakages or moistures are noticed, call for AC professionals immediately.

When the signs above are noticed, then it calls for immediate help from an AC Repair Service Provider. Repairing AC units before total unit failure will allow you to save money.