It had always been summer in Singapore even if December is approaching. Although it is necessary that you keep regular check-ups to your AC system, a little handy repair for minor problems would save you a lot of money and one of repair you can handle on your own is the water leaks on your AC. When you noticed a leak in the indoor air handler of the air conditioner, turn it off before the worse problem arise and either you call for air conditioning experts or follow the methods below.

Troubleshooting guide for water leaks in Air conditioner:

  • Clog air filters is one of the reasons why there is a leak in the air conditioner. If it is poorly maintained and often dirty, chances are the air is being impeded and could not get a thorough pass to the evaporator. This will result freezing in its coils because the refrigerant could not get a good access to a passage in order to sip the warm air. When it is freezing it cannot take the heat anymore and that is the reason why you see water leaks in the indoor handler. Clean the air filters or ensure that you replace it every 1 to 3 months. Remember, the more hot day’s means the shorter span of time that you need to replace or clean the filters. If cleaning and replacing the filters does not fix the leaks, then it is about time you call for air conditioning service.
  • According to Billy Aircon, Another reason for the leaking of air conditioning is when the drain pan had a burst, tear, hole or overflow.  It is situated underneath the indoor air handler which may cause the water leaks. For hole or tear that might have caused by small insect bites, you can seal it with the use of water sealant but if the damage is big you better replace it. But bear in mind that there are two drain pan in an air conditioner; underneath the evaporator coil which is the permanent drain pan and underneath the unit which is removable. If the damage is in the removable drain pan, then it is easier for you to replace it but with the permanent drain pan, call the air conditioning services.

  • The clog in drain line can also result in water leaking in the air conditioner. If you have the wet-dry vacuum, then you can remove the clog otherwise, call for professional help. If you choose to get rid of the clog on your own then you need you check the drain pipe and remove the cap. Pour fruit enzymes or vinegar to clear the line. To prevent the drain line from clogging, cleaning the drain pipes must be included in your routine to prevent the build-up of algae and molds inside the pipe. While there is the latest model of air conditioning unit today that automatically shuts off the AC when there is clog and enables you to detect the cause of leaking fast. If this is not the type of air conditioning you owned then do the manual checkups in order to troubleshoot the problem or call the help of the air conditioning expert. Check Billy Aircon’s Website for more about fixing aircon leaking.